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Arghh, shiver me timbers!

What a fabulous and fun packed morning we had! Trivia, music, fancy dress, colouring and of course a lesson in 'How to speak pirate'. The film Pirates of the Caribbean on in the main lounge and some pirate music on over the lunch period.

We used a visual prompt trolley and a sensory tray with some sand and treasure, plus plenty of visual aids so our ladies and gents could join in straight away with pirate based inspiration. So many were on board with dressing up!

Lee and Viv from the kitchen team serving up mid morning hot drinks with some beautiful home made cakes and biscuits. Big shout out to our care lead Carol for coming in on her day off just to join in with the madness and also to the wonderful Faye!

Mischa and Kate were our naughty and cheeky pirates looking splendid in full costume. We really do have a great team, I love coming to work and spreading a little bit of joy!

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