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Day Care

Although we recognise that independence is an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle, sometimes, as they get older, people can feel a little isolated in their own home. 

That's why Hyne Town House offers members of the community an opportunity to take advantage of its day-care services. 

It provides a chance to make new friendships and is an ideal way to improve or maintain life skills without feeling the need to give up independence. Naturally, this is a benefit to anyone finding life a little difficult at home on their own, but it can also provide a welcome break for carers who need to know their loved ones are cared for professionally - once a day, or once a week, during the day or overnight depending on individual needs - in a safe and stimulating environment.


The service provided is personalised to each participant's needs and may include: individual and group activities such as music, art, and sensory stimulation, speech, physical and occupational therapies and assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, chiropody, hairdressing etc.

Alternatively, they can simply relax and enjoy a leisurely day in warm, comfortable and friendly surroundings.


Services Available

  • Day care 10am – 4pm. Includes morning & afternoon tea or coffee with home-made cakes & appetising lunch.

  • Night care (Bed & Breakfast) 6pm – 9am. Includes supper & continental breakfast.

  • Weekend Break 2 Nights. Including breakfast, coffee/tea, lunch & evening meals.

  • Flexi Breaks. Day/night care at hours to suit individual needs.

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