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Watercolours at Hyne Town House

Water colours were so sucessful yesterday I put the feelers out to see who else might be interested. I am so proud of the ladies that have tried it, Betty got stuck in and created a beautifully symetrical design. She had no idea at the begining what it would be but observing her create something special was a joy. She picked colours that stood out to her. She asked me 'What was the point of this?' I simply replied with 'its about expressive creativity and trying something new.' When she had finished she said 'Looks a bit like a mother and a child, maybe thats what I was thinking about all along."

Diana was nervous as she had said to me she wasn't the most creative person and was hesitant. I'd never force or pressure anyone to do something but after watching Betty getting lost in the moment and just creating something new Diana put brush to paper and went for it. She simply started with shapes and colours she liked. She pushed her own boundries and had fun. She was supported by myself and her great friend Felictiy.

Felicity is a brilliant artist and a master with acrylics and oils. She hadnt explored the use of watercolours and so for a first attempt she was delighted with her small pieces of art. All of our ladies are so supportive and encouraging.

I re-visited Isabel and she continued on with her gorgeous scene she painted from her imagination. Adding the sky. My tip from today was lightly soak the paper first and the paint stretches further and makes it easy to blend out. Using a smaller brush she added more depth to her rocks.

We have a huge talent here at Hyne Town!

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